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HFC NBN Box Downstream Light Flashing

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Internet has been out for 4 days now. Got a message from TPG saying there was a potential outage but then heard nothing again (no other house in my street has an outage).


My NBN HFC Arris box has the power light full but the downstream light keeps flashing and then the box reboots and goes back to the downstream trying to connect.

I've changed the the HFC cable between my wall socket and the box but nothing has changed.


Just wondering if anyone knows a fix or a way to check if the problem is on my end (like a damaged HFC wire under the house) or if it's further down the line? 


Hi @Andrew88 


Welcome to the Community!


We were able to locate your account using your community details and it shows that your service is back.

Your address or location was affected by an unplanned NBN network outage, which is listed here.


Based on the update from NBN Co, it took quite some time to restore the service as it was a complicated fault. There was a suspected cable issue within the exchange which needs to be identified. More recently there was a resourcing issue from the field for a technician attendance.


Keep on monitoring your service as the case is not resolved as of yet.