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Has anyone been able to have a successful chat with the "Change Plan" team?

Level 2

We are trying to upgrade our plan ie. give TPG more money. Unfortunately, the website has some kind of problem with our address and we can't do it online. After being in the queue for more than two hours today, I finally made it to number one only to have a message from Jem saying they could answer general enquiries but had limited account information and then the chat was ended - straight away, I was in front of the screen. Fab, there's two hours down the drain. 

So, I tried again but through the accounts and billing chat - got through much quicker to someone who could actually access my account details and then they said they'd put me through to the change plan officers. I said that I'd previously been cut off by them after waiting over 2 hours but was assured there was one available "right now" ................ nearly 30 mins later, nothing. At that point I had lost all hope and just checked in sporadically - somewhere between 2 and 3 hours later the chat was closed, without any attempt whatsoever to even see if I was on the end of the screen. 

I've sent an email, the website isn't working correctly and clearly chat seems useless - why is it so difficult for us to give tpg more money?

Has anyone had any success with these chat lines?

Level 2

Hi Lou, no success from my end either. I was directed to email and i have sent them multiple emails yet no response... It's so frustrating to be honest.


I am not too sure if this was something that came up in your chat but I had someone tell me they couldnt change my plan because of pending activity on the account activation and then when asked to explain it, they said please email. So basically just going in a loop with no support whatsoever and no reasoning as to why I can't change my plan Smiley Sad

Level 2

Yep, my partner finally got through on chat the next day (after being cut off when he got to number 1 in the queue) and they told him to send an email to that addie and that we would probably get a reply in 120 minutes (weird, why wouldn't they say a couple of hours?), anyway, it's now been over a week with no reply. Useless.