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New NBN FTTN Service No Internet Light

Level 3
Hello, I have recently received my new Archer VR1600 v modem and have been prompted to connect it as it had advised that my NBN service is now active. However, upon connection, I have found that the internet light would not turn on despite waiting for 5+ hours. I have tried the following:
• Restart the modem
• Hard reset the modem
• Manually configure the modem by entering my username and password in the modem link
• Waiting many hours
• Switched power points
• Switched phone ports
• Used ethernet cable
• Checked for NBN outages in my area
• Dialled up the support line (131423) in which they said they will contact a NBN technician and call me back but has yet to do so.
Any help would be appreciated, as I work from home during the Coronavirus pandemic and now I am stuck without internet. Thank you!
Level 11

Does the DSL light come on? It needs to be on before the Internet light comes on.

DSL light off means problem in the external network.



DSL light must be green, 

I can see your DSL is down, did to do any changes?
please look at this link below and see everything in the correct order     
Level 3
Hello, thanks for the reply, however the DSL light was on and so were every other light except for the internet light. It is currently not on because I’ve unplugged it and decided to use my old modem for now, which is provided by Telstra.
Level 3
Thanks for the reply! The DSL light was on, every light was on except for the internet light.