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Having seemingly random intermittent bandwidth issues. Unsure how to diagnose.

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Having severe bandwidth issues durring the day. Most commonly occurs during microsoft teams calls, but have also noticed bandwidth issues with general browsing and also querying servers / databases. Sometimes it's so severe the teams call will disconnect. I've started by immediatly running a speed test and keep getting acceptible results. More recently even standard browsing or audio streaming (spotify) is having issues as well. 

I've got FTTN, NBN50 plan, and am using the supplied tplink Archer VR1600V2 modem/router. Firmware version: 0.1.0 0.9.1 v5006.0 Build 200810 Rel.53181n


I've also verified the issue across multiple devices, laptop, mobile phone & tablet. But each time I run a speed test it is within spec. I'm wondering if it's a home network issue, or an external issue but I haven't found a way to even begin to document or diagnose the problem. Hoping to have some information before calling up support and just saying my internet is slow.

Quick update - just ran a speed test and finally captured a bad result. Upload couldn't even run!


Hi @incendiary,


There are many cause of dropouts in a connection and that's what we need to find out. Please send in your Customer ID or username privately via message so we can check your service.