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How connect orbi rbk763 direct to nbn box

Level 3
Hi. I tried to connect direct orbi rbk763 to nbn box ( Tpg fttc). Using pppe select tpg user name and password same as acher1600v ( this router has been using many years). I did not successful get internet. Please help how to setting. Thanks

Hi @Tinhnghia 


Do you know if you are under the NBN bundled with VoIP or NBN Data only plan?


If you are under the bundled plan, then aside from setting the PPPoE connection type, you need to set the VLAN ID to 2.


In case you are under the Data only plan, then the PPPoE configuration should work.


Let us check on it further and see what's missing with your setup.

Just flick us a private message with your account details and will take it from there.

Level 15

@Tinhnghia . Did you get the Orbi connected to FTTC box as you wanted?

Level 3
I tried but not work. No internet. I have to go back to connect via archer1600v
Set vlan id 2 and priority 0 as suggested but not work
Level 15

Hi @Tinhnghia . Can you verify in VR1600 config that VLAN ID 2 is being used (on the ewan_pppoe config screen. It is the Connected interface).


Are these the instructions you followed?

Do factory reset first. Make sure Netgear is in Wireless Router mode (default setting).
4. Select ADVANCED > Advanced > Router / AP Mode.
The Router / AP Mode page displays.
5. Select the Router Mode radio button.  The page adjusts.
6. Click the Apply button.  Your settings are saved.


4. Select ADVANCED > Advanced > VLAN / Bridge Settings.
The VLAN / Bridge Settings page displays.
5. Select the Enable VLAN / Bridge Group check box.  The page expands.
6. Select the By VLAN tag group radio button.  The section expands.
7. Click the Add button.   The Add VLAN Rule page displays.
8. Specify the settings as described in the following table.
Field Description
Name. Enter a name for the VLAN tag group. The name can be up to 10 characters.
VLAN ID Enter a value from 1 to 4094.   

Priority Enter a value from 0 to 7.  0
Select the check box for a wired Ethernet port. Select ALL ports.
9. Click the Add button.  The VLAN tag group is added.
10. Click the Apply button.  Your settings are saved.

Level 3
Hi. I checked the tpg router archer1600 has set vlan2 ( plan bundle with voip)
I did all the steps as you mention in your messages but the orbi led is magenta color and not provided internet on wifi or Ethernet devices

Level 15

@Tinhnghia . Just to be clear, when connecting the Orbi, the VR1600 is disconnected, and the ethernet cable goes to Orbi Internet port. And PPPoE is selected as connection type.

I was going to suggest the System Log but it only has a record of ip addresses of destinations in the internet, not what router is doing internally.

Normally, someone from TPG would talk to you while the Orbi is connected to see if it is authenticating with the TPG server. That it is getting through the network and presenting the correct username and password.

You could ask the moderator to arrange that.

Level 3
Many thanks for your time. Absolutely I turn off the archer1600. Connect internet port from orbi to nbn ethernet box. You are right maybe the username and password set in PPPoE not correct? I may try to call TPG sometime.
Level 15

@Tinhnghia . You can make Archer show the password it is using by clicking the symbol in password field. You might find it is a generic value. You don"t need to connect it up.

Level 3
Hi. After communicated with you I called tpg and they give me the username and password. They confirmed that my plan need to set vlan 2. I tried to input exactly the information tpg gave me but orbi led show magenta colour and no internet. I am really gave up. Just reconnect the orbi to archer 1600 provided by tpg, internet back again. So annoying. Anyway thanks for your help and advice