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How do I cancel a new service online? Trying to ask a question over the phone is bloody impossible!

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Trying to ask a question over the phone is bloody impossible! 


I have signed my boss up for TPG NBN, everything is finalised, the equipment is on it's way and all seemed OK. Until I emailed "Support" to ask if we needed to have a landline connection onsite. I was told, 2 days later, that they can't help as I'm not an authorised contact. So I go online and add me as an authorised contact. 10 minutes later I call "Support" to ask the question. Nope, you're not authorised we have to call your boss first. WTF!!! I'm an authorised "Secondary cointact" so why cant they talk to me? I had updated my bosses phone number at the same time as I added me so they cant say the system takes time. Of course he doesnt answer the phone because he wont answer calls from private numbers.


I have only just signedd him up but after this crap I know I've made a mistake and I want to cancel the service asap. How?


Hi @AngryAsHell


We are saddened that you've decided to terminate the service.


We'd like to look into the account and see what we can do for you.

Shoot me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number.