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How does the TPG Service Status page work?

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As a customer, I came to the Service Status page first before raising my issue with TPG.  My expectation was that if there were any known issues, including that identified by customers, I'd learn about it here and thus decide if I still need to lodge my issue or not.


Noting no issues were reported at the time of my own problems I then registered my issue.  Since registering it, and eventually having it escalated with engineering, still nothing has been listed on the Service Status page for my region.


All I'm saying is that the Service Status page yields no value for customers unless it is accurate and up-to-date.


Hi @TyBreaker,


Welcome to TPG Community.


Our Service Status page shows the lists of areas wherein there are planned maintenance and service outages for our TPG products including ADSL, NBN, Off-Net, Home Phone, Mobile, VoIP and others.


I've searched your account using your Community details and was able to find a match. I've went ahead and checked the notes on your account and can confirm that our Engineering team is currently working on this case.

Our engineering team has not identified any issues within the area that would affect other customers hence, this is being dealt as an individual case and was not placed in our Service Status page.


I understand that one of our Engineers has been in touch and has informed you of an appointment for TPG technician. The earliest appointment we have is for tomorrow, 30 May between 1:00pm - 5:00pm. Our technicians advise a need for entry to the premises to fully check your connection. This means we require you or a person over 18 years of age to be home for the appointment.


Please confirm to our Engineering team by replying to their SMS or you may also message us here and we'll forward this to the team.

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Thanks Erika,


I can accomodate a visit tomorrow so please confirm with the engineer, thanks.




We will inform our Engineers to book the appointment tomorrow. Your attendance is needed.


Kind regards,

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Hooray!  First time I've seen figures like this in quite a while!  They haven't contacted me to say it's fixed yet so I hope it's not temporary.


Hi @TyBreaker, thanks for letting us know.


We've checked the status of your connection and it appears to be properly working at the moment.


Nevertheless, our Engineering Team is still monitoring the case and will be in touch via SMS or a phone for updates.


For now, please also continue to monitor the  connection and if the issue persists, we'll investigate further.