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How long until I can upgrade???

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Due to being half-asleep this morning, instead of upgrading my 25/5 to 50/20 I downgraded to 12/1.  :-(


Ah well, stuff goes wrong, on the 'phone to TPG, sorry, can't stop the change, you'll have to wait until it's done and then try again.  Not great, but script-monkeys can't deal with this sort of stuff, I didn't expect to be able to stop the change.


The change has gone through (ah well, 12/1 is slow, but bearable...), but I have not yet received a notification from TPG, but I'll try to upgrade online...


Now, when I try to change plans I get:

"Unfortunately there was an unexpected error when submitting your registration.
We apologise for the inconvenience caused.
Please contact TPG Customer Service on 13 14 23 for further assistance.
When contacting TPG, please quote this error code: < E:adsl_comm:thread_exists >"


I'll try again in the AM, and hit the 'phone if it's still borked, but just be careful when changing plans!  :-)


Level 3

Well, the change to slow things down went through just before 8:00pm on Friday night, but I didn't receive a notification until 0:30 on Monday morning, so, I thought, let's wait until the arvo and try again...


Nope, can't change.


Hit the 'phone, no, you can't change it until more than 24 hours have elapsed...  I am interpreting that to mean either "24 hours since the system sent you the message saying things had changed," or, perhaps, as "24 business hours, i.e. 3 business days."


It's not the end of the world, but FFS, it shouldn't give errors, it should say, "Please wait..."


Hi @grs1961,


We can see on our system that this has been addressed. Let us know should you require further assistance.