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No internet

Level 1b

Is there an issue with the internet in Surry hills?

I don't have any internet since last night.


Level 1a

We don't have internet since yesterday, but we live in Epping and just installed NBN the day before yesterday.

Level 1b

Anyone from @TPG who knows whats going on?


Hi @amandeep811 and @Chinyu1956,


Welcome to TPG Community!


There was a declared outage in your area since the fibre line was severely damaged by a civil contractor which affected your internet service. It was fixed and we can detect that the internet is already working now.


Should you require any assistance, please let us know.



Level 1b

2 days to update on the satus of a major outage?

Is your customer care on the street fixing the issue?

You could've sent out a mail to all users saying some are affected.

but "NO... We're going to let you know after it was fixed."

Thanks but no thanks TPG, keeping me waiting for past 4 days is the worst customer care experience.


Hi @amandeep811,


Sorry if we were late to response to your post.


Once there's an outage, it is posted on our service status page. Here's the link for future reference.





Level 1a

Yes, the outage in our area is over, but the internet is on and off from time to time, the signal is weak even when it is on. We pay $100 for each month and the service is not as good as it should be.

Level 1a

We lost internet again, what happened? why this happens so often?


Hi @Chinyu1956,


I checked your account and was not able to detect any issues. I've run some test and everything was passing.


In case this happens again, please try to do some basic troubleshooting.

  • Turn off and on the modem and the ARRIS Box (NTD)
  • Check the physical connection (Cablings)


Kind regards,