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How slow has everyone’s internet been lately?

Level 2
Just checking in on how slow everyone’s internet has been and the customer service your receiving from Tpg? I give up on trying to get someone to call me back and waiting in queue on the phone for 2+ hours. No way should I have to pay this months bill when I don’t get close to the speeds promised. I’ve been told my modem is running on 5% and to move it but yet it’s been sitting in the same spot since day 1. Get a call back while driving to pick up my son from school, I replied to the text message asking best time to call back and no call back once again. Nbn is being installed by Optus on the 12th, I can’t wait to cancel my service with Tpg. Optus answer any questions fast, why can’t you Tpg?

Hi @amypoole15


We understand that the case has been raised to our Engineering team for investigation and they need to get in touch in case we need to send out a technician to help us resolve this.


I've sent you a PM and will be waiting for your response to progress your case.