How to change IP

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@Mr_Bread . Does your wife's account on Win10 get banned as well or just yours?

You could try deleting all the cookies in your browser for a start. Websites use cookies to remember things about you. Then try clearing browser cache and history.

You can check VPNs on but you have to pay for the report. It will list all the ones they tested and you can check them separately. Or, reviews in computer magazines. If you have an antivirus package, that provider might have one.

Get one that locates in Australia. It might be useful for other things.

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@david64 My wife and I use the same account on this PC. So, there's no way for a website to tell who is actually using our PC.


I followed your advice to some extent and went to browser settings and deleted a lot of cookies from suspect websites, including I also blocked that website from saving and reading cookies on this PC. That seems to have worked.


Thanks very much for your help.   


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You have to have a static IP before you start and you have to know your gateway and lastly you need to know What DNS your going to use. If you are converting from DHCP/Bind you have to know the DHCP/bind range so you set it outsid that range.

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  1. From an administrator's account, click Start, then click Settings.
  2. In the Settings window, choose Network & Internet.
  3. Under your local area connection, click Properties.
  4. Under IP assignment, click Edit.
  5. Choose Manual, toggle on IPv4, and enter the IP address. Then click Save.