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How to get Xbox Live working on TP Link Routers

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TPG doesn’t have an answer, so I got a new (actually recycled an old one) router and had no issue since.
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Ahh looks like I’ve finally found the people I’ve been looking for..
So yesterday I became one of the luckiest gamers in Adelaide by receiving a phone call from JBHiFi saying to come in and pick up my Xbox Series X.
You could imagine how stoked I was to finally catch one of these rare unicorns especially this time of year.
Got the unit safely home , unboxed , hooked it up via Ethernet... nothing. Could not get it to connect to Xbox live.
Spent hours and hours troubleshooting thinking I’ve got a dud Xbox ..
Finally folded and decided to hook up via wifi , as much as I didn’t want to as I’m also playing Call of Duty multiplayer. It worked but it’s just a laggy mess compared to Ethernet.
Spent hours jumping thru hoops trying different networking tricks with the Xbox/ Archer combo that honestly I know nothing about.
Looking back on this thread it’s blown my mind this has been an issue as long as it has with no straightforward solution.
I’ve basically wasted all Xmas eve and now what’s left of Xmas night to sort it out.
I was ready to take it back to the store and get them to check it...
So going by what’s on this thread I just need to get a new modem and I should be sweet ?
Any recommendations? Greatly appreciate any response lads , cheers 🍻
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I'm using fibre; originally when I commented years ago I was on HFC. Can't remember which router model back then I was using but now using ASUS RT-AC68U; but the router back then was an ASUS too I believe.

I have no issues with this router with my XSX and use Ethernet.

I'm surprised this issue is still around; the fact TPG has done nothing about it in years is appalling.

But yes, get a new router the one they supply is a POS.
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Cheers for the reply.
I don’t know much about this stuff but I’m thinking I need a modem / router all in one as I have fttn which works via the telephone socket.
I’ll see what else I can find online , hopefully JB can get me sorted.
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I think that is going to be the issue; finding a router which supplies telephone as well. If you must use the phone then you might find you're either very limited on choice; or stuck with the TPG rout-urd.

I could not find one at the time back in 2018 when I had the issue. I just chose not to use the phone. Not many people use a landline these days.

You can try this link for list of compliant routers.
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So I went to JB this morning and grabbed a d-link modem/router , spent some time hooking up and configuring and I still couldn’t get the Ethernet working , tired and frustrated with the situation , I’d given up and resorted to calling JB again and asking if I can bring in the Xbox to test on their system. Being Boxing Day etc they said better to bring it in through the week.
Decided I just wanted to play something so I was about to hook up via wifi and guess what ... the wired Ethernet connection is now working 😄
Now I’ve got trust issues and scared to shutdown the machine. I’ll see how it plays out the next couple of days. Cheers for the input 🍻
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Unplug the network cable from the back of your console. Inspect the cable's connector and the Xbox console's socket to make sure that they are clean and free of debris. Plug it back in, making sure it clicks into place. Follow the network cable to your router, gateway, or modem and unplug it. instagram saver