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How to turn off primary email address

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I have the primary POP3 email account associated to my account which has become redundant in our modern days with mobile devices etc and other IMAP accounts. It has taken some time converting all those "other accounts" for the butcher, baker and candlestick maker etc. Only remaining incoming emails are close to junk mail. Following connection to NBN the old ADSL line will also become redundant. I somehow need to decommission my primary email account. The question is how. There is a slave email (used by the wife but I think I'm the real slave) hanging off the primary email account which will be ready close in a few days. The slave email is easily de-commssioned online. 


Hi @calmgreg1,


The primary or main Email address can't be turned off, but you may choose to not use it.



Level 2

My primary email has effectively not been used for 3 months for sent mail It's really the Incoming mail I'm trying to stop.
What I've now done is removed the email account from my Outlook, set up an auto reply from Post Office saying email account is not monitored and to politely try other means of contact.
I will check via post office once a month and hopefully the real people will do the correct thing. One of the problems with some of these auto email lists.