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Huawei H659 as access point to an Archer vr1600v setup LAN to LAN but no internet access


Try to test the connection mode one by one. 


  • Perform Factory reset on Huawei
  • Try to select the 'Connect Automatically' first and let see if it will work if not try the 'Connect with another modem'.
  • Set the Huawei DHCP Mode ON.
  • Reboot the modem
  • Test the connection


Do I need to change the IP address of Huawei HG659 router? -- If I don't, Archer and Huawei would have the same IP address as


Do I need to disable the DHCP?

Do we need to change the SSID and passkey for Huawei to be the same as in Archer (main modem).


Your instruction didn't work.


I can only choose one because it is a radio button. So, I can't chose both, so its either "Connect Automatically" or "Connect with another modem".


I chosed "Connect with another mode" and connect Huawei on LAN to LAN in the hub in the lounge room, all devices connected to the hub lost its internet connection... Thus, only the one connected on the main modem, TP-Link Archer can connect to internet.

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Didn't work either of the 2 options .

This always comes up ... I chose "Try WLAN" and put in WLAN and enter my Archer SSID and paskey...


I want to ....

Connect to the internet 


Cable error(8180). PLease make sure that the cable is connected to the gateway properly. If the cable connection is secure. click "Try Again"..YOu cal aso click "Try WLAN" to set up a WLAN connection.



Either of the 2 "Try Again" and "Try WLAN" .. did not work.... Not able to connect to internet....




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Yes, I understand what you mean... But when the device connected to Huawei on wifi cannot access the internet..

Say, I have my Ipad connected to Huawei wifi but my Ipad cannot access the internet...

Hi @tolitz1108


Kindly do the following:


1. Connect the Huawei to the modem/router via LAN cable. You can use any LAN port like from LAN 1 of Huawei to LAN 1 of the modem/router.
2. Log in to the Huawei GUI and look in LAN setup.
3. Change the I.P address of the Huawei to and disable the DHCP server.

If you have to reconfigure the Huawei like changing Wi-Fi settings you need to go to
This will make your Huawei as an access point only and the DHCP is still on the modem/router.
This should also work if you are going to connect them via wireless.