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Huawei hg658

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My router seem to be bricked. For last few days I been getting drop outs but I turn the router off and on again and it would connect again. Tonight when I got home all the lights is lit except wlan.
Here is how the lights indicate and they are all solid without flashing.

Power – Amber
Wan- green
Internet- Amber
Wlan- no light
Voip- Amber
Lan1-4 – green (I only got 1 Ethernet cable connected to Port 1)
Usb- green

I have never seen this happen with any of my routers. Now my net doesn't work and my computer doesn't detect the router. I tried turning it off and on and the same lights are display. I tried the reset button but nothing happens.

Tried to call tpg and they keep testing the line with no resolution. They said they would escalate to NBN to check the lines before they work to see if it's a router problem.

Has anyone had the same problem and how to solve it?

Hi @gordon324148,


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I've searched for your account using your Community details and was able to find a match.


I can see that this case is being handled by our Engineering team wherein they've raised this to NBN co as they've identified that the issue is with the network controlled by the NBN co.


I've chased this now with our Engineering team and they'll be updating you as soon as additional information becomes available.




Hi @gordon324148


I understand that you've spoke with one of our Engineers regarding this case. 


I can see that you're now using a different modem. 


Our engineering team will continue to monitor on your case and will contact you further. 


Should you need further assistance, please let us know. 



Level 1b
I too have experienced the exact same problem tonight. It seems a new router was the solution for the OP, if this is the case please advise.

Hi @pollux83,


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I'd love to help and see what happened on your connection.


Kindly PM me your account details (Username/Customer ID or  Contact number associated with the account).




@pollux83 wrote:
I too have experienced the exact same problem tonight. It seems a new router was the solution for the OP, if this is the case please advise.

Thanks for sending me your details. I ran initial test and it shows a possible line issue causing the internet not to work.


I will arrange one of our Technicians call you tomorrow morning between 10-11AM for further test and investigation.


Let me know if you different preferred time and I'll have it rescheduled for you.




Hi @pollux83
I've seen that our senior technician has tried to ring you on your mobile, but was unable to reach you. 


They have scheduled another callback for you tomorrow to further assist with your concern. 


Should you have a preferred callback time / alternate number, let me know so I can advise their team. 


Thank you.


Hi @pollux83


I can see that you have been in touched with one of our Technicians today and provided assistance with the connection.


I'd like to know should you require further assistance.




Hi @pollux83, we have sent you a private message with a detailed information regarding the concerns you have raised.


Please check your private messages and let us know if you need further assistance. Thank you.


Hi @pollux83,


I can see that you have collected the Free modem. Let us know how it will go. In case you have further queries do not hesitate to create a thread for assistance.


Have a lovely night!