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Huge delays sending and receiving emails

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Like some others who have postd here, I have been experiencing huge delays sending and receiving emails and it's been going on for some weeks now. The delays range from several hours to next day. 


It makes no difference whether I'm using web mail or POP3/ on multiple mail clients on multiple devices (eg Outlook on PC, iOS Mail on iPhone) - delays receiving and sending are the same.


Same emails sent/received to/from my gmail mail account are arriving/sending almost instantly.
In one instance, I would have missed a flight booking window if I didn't contact my travel agent by phone and ask to have the booking email redirected to my gmail.


Not sure if this is some sort of account issue, but it's causing me frequent disruption/frustration as my TPG mail is linked to numerous services. Have had to resort to using gmail a lot recently to get around the delays.


Hi @davidmce


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We'd like to look into it for better understanding of the situation.


Please send me a PM with your TPG mail address along with the email addresses that you received late.