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I and a million others are new to NBN

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This morning my premises were connected to NBN.  Hurray!  My old internet connection to gmail works, my mail client is Thunderbird, running on a Linux platform.  Thunderbird is configured to deal with gmqail and iinet accounts. 

How do I configure Thunderbird to deal with email in the tpg space?  Just a few basic hints will make our day - yours for knowing it, mine for doing it,

Best, OldAl.


Hi @OldAl,


Welcome to the community!


We did an article on how to setup your email however the email client used is Windows and Mac Mail you can use the guide as a reference on how to set it up on your Thunderbird.

See the link below.

Setting up email on your Windows 10 and Mac Mail 10 Highlighted.


Let me know should you require further assistance.








Hi @OldAl,

Thanks for sending us an email confirming that your email has been properly set up. In case you will need further assistance in the future do not hesitate to open a thread here in our community.


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Thank you, Shane!

I am currently unable to send mail for myelf at tpg, that is mail to

The mail reaches the mailbox OK and I can read it.  I suppose I could reply it or actually send email from the mail box, but I want to be able  to send it from my mail client, which is Thunderbird. 

Most of configuration was automatic (added by Thunderbird itself), but some were amended according to "tpg tech" 's suggestion or instruction.

I think it might be helpful to come other users to list the significant items, most of which are difficult to find from the information you kindly provided, thank you.

So here is my thunderbird current configuration:


pwd:  ###############   (not revealed here but verified by loging in to the postbox for alkabaila.   143

Connection Security   STARTTLS

Autentication Method   Normal Password

Outgoing server (SMTP):

Description   <not specified>
Server name:
Port                 25
username :  xxxxxxx
Connection secuity:   No authentication

This computer runs on a linux desktop, on one of the older versions of linuxmint. 
Thank you all for commenting about this.