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I know its 1st Jan but TPG internet is not working, but NBN shows there is no problem with the line

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Hello TPG,


I called customer service and asked where the problem was.  After 19minutes of restarting NBN modem, I was informed that they have done everything that they can and they will forward it to their technician.  This was at 10:30am today.  Right now it is 10:59pm (11:00pm after finishing this post) and our internet is still not working.


Tomorrow is Sunday, so I presume no technician will work on this one and day after that, it is public holiday so we will be without internet for 4 days before Tuesday when someone will have a look at this post and think of doing something.


I am hotspotting my phone internet to write this.


This is an excellent start of the year TPG...........

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I got a text message from TPG with a ticket number and email and a phone number to contact them to get updates.


I am trying to contact TPG since morning and no one is answering.


If you do not want to answer, why did you provide an email, phone number and ticket number?


Hi @datsnlnbn


Welcome to the Community!


We were able to locate your account using your community details and learned that this has been raised to our Engineers.


The issue has been resolved and working within specification.


Let us know if you need further assistance.