I want fetch tv

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Not having a decent aerial I have to outsource the issue and we have come to love our fetch tv. I want to know if we cant actually have a decent tv service through this company than can we at least use another box that we purchase on our internet? I was hoping to buy a second hand one and have found many but they are locked to optus and iinet, will they still work on my tpg connection?

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Hi @puffnstuff . Generally, routers can be reconfigured to any provider. You may have encountered "specials" which really are locked by the provider. Routers like Asus, D-Link, Netgear, TP-Link are used with various providers.

This iiNet article has instructions for several routers on how to set VLAN ID=2 which is needed on most TPG plans.

FTTC:      https://help.iinet.net.au/setting-common-non-iinet-supplied-modems-nbn-fttc

HFC:        https://help.iinet.net.au/setting-common-non-iinet-supplied-modems-nbn-hfc

FTTB/N:   https://help.iinet.net.au/setting-common-non-iinet-supplied-modems-nbn-fttbn


Also, info on Fetch:   https://help.iinet.net.au/set-fetch-gen-3-set-top-box

However, this seems to rely on having an aerial to connect to the set top box for free to air channels.

See this Community thread:  https://community.tpg.com.au/t5/Broadband-Internet/Fetch-TV/m-p/32542