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I'm looking for a new nbn provider. At the moment I am with vodafone nbn and I am unable to watch IPTV live sports without buffering every 5-10 seconds, on a IPTV set top box or the DuplexIPTV app on the smart tv. According to vodafone, everything is fine and i'm getting more than enough down and up speeds, yet I can't watch my live tv sports without buffering.(please note that netflix, you tube, stan, etc works fine without buffering)


Does anyone on here watch live TV on one of the above? Any problems? I'm reading very different messages from people and it has mainly to do with the modem tpg provide? Will I need to change the modem and if so, which modem? 




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If you are experiencing issues with a certain application, it is better to contact their main customer support for assistance.


Based on your post, your current provider already tested the service and you confirmed that there's no issues with it aside from a certain app.


Even you transfer to a different provider, if the said application is at fault you'll experience the same issue.