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Increase in infrastructure

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When are you guys going to up your infrastructure to cope with the bandwidth?

I'm getting 5-7mbps tonight, 20-40mbps on weeknights, it drops out at about 7pm every night. Even on 2.4, should be getting consistent speeds.
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There are many other possible reasons why your speeds etc. are not satisfactory. Inadequate infrastructure is the least likely. From what you say it appears that the low speeds at certain times are on WiFi, and that suggests local interference. You say 'on 2.4'; what is the speed like on Ethernet?


Hi @Clae, we're keen to look into your connection and make sure you're getting the most out of your service.


If possible, check the speed via ethernet as @alanguide suggested. This would help us narrow down whether it's a WiFi issue or not.


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Let us know how that goes.