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Installation of home broadband needs 2 months?

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My customer number is *******.
I had recently moved house and request TPG to install internet in my new house 2 weeks ago. The scheduled installation from both TPG and NBN is on 17/03/2022, 1pm-5pm. I had received multiple notifications to request me to have someone at home. I took an half day off from my annual leave for the installation. However, no body showed up at all and I did not receive a single notice or call from TPG for the non-show.
I called TPG customer hotline in the evening and the staff told me that the installation will need about 2 months waiting time due to NBN’s problem and can be only done around May.
I don’t think without internet for 2 months is acceptable. Nowadays there are so many things need online such as zoom meeting, replying email, video conferencing etc. And I think not showing up during scheduled day is not very professional. I had taken an half day off for the appointment.
Please do something TPG. Being customer of TPG for 3 years with no problem at all, but this time round it is so disappointing.


Hi @HazyCloudVet


I have edited your post and hid your customer ID number. I would recommend you to provide your personal account details via private message for security. 


Seems that your new address is affected by a remediation plan. We'll speak with our Service Delivery Team and see if we can bring it forward as we would really like to have you get connected so you can keep up with your work requirements. 


Updates will be provided soon. Cheers!

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Hi Angeli,

Thx for your reply. A technician called me today and said that NBN was doing renovation on the landline or some sort and it will be ready by 22 May which will be more than 2 months from now.....

I am not sure how should I survive without internet for 2 months.....


Hi @HazyCloudVet,


Checking the recent update on your account, it appears that your service installation was affected by an External Network Shortfall.


What is it?


Additional work within the NBN network is required to complete your installation. This work can sometimes be complex and requires technician with specific skill set or equipment working across multiple days.


The most common reasons for this shortfall is the Lead-In Conduit (LIC) which is the underground path where the fibre runs along is damaged, blocked or doesn’t exist.


This additional work is required by NBN and would apply for all Internet Service Providers. There is no cost to you as NBN will be completing the work.


The assigned Case Manager which you have spoken today will continue to monitor the progress of the installation and will be in touch to provide updates, where possible.