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Intermittent nbn drop out last couple of weeks

Level 2

Our internet intermittently has been dropping out for a couple of weeks.  Not sure if it's our modem or the nbn. Usually lasts for a few minutes about 4 or 5 times a day. The cable modem appears to be rebooting when it happens. Any ideas how we can check where the problem lies?


Hi  @blaker2234 , we have checked the status of your connection and it shows up and stable at the moment. If you are still having issues, please provide us the light status of the modem and the NBN connection box whenever the connection drops.

Level 2

I have tried changing power outlet in case my UPS was faulty but internet has dropped out 3 or 4 times this morning. Currently down with 3rd light on modem flashing. 

Level 2

All lights back on, on modem and reconnected to internet but it still seems that the modem may be rebooting itself every so often. 


Hi @blaker2234 , we can see that your service is currently affected by an unplanned NBN network outage. There is no estimated time of restoration yet, but NBN technicians will do their best to rectify this as soon as possible.


Though your connection shows up and running for more than an hour now, it may still be interrupted while the restoration works are still in progress.


We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.