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Internet constantly dropping out

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Hi Community,

I have been with TPG for many years and up till now have never had any problems.

For the last four weeks or more my internet connection has been constantly dropping in and out. sometimes it drops out constantly stopping and starting and sometimes stays connected for 10-12 hours or more. I have a dedicated Telstra phone line from the street for my ADSL connection with no other devices connected to it, I have checked all the under house line connections and wiring and can't see any abnormal things like bare wires or dirty/wet connections. The original Modem/Router was a Netgear 6400 that has worked perfectly for several years, since the drop outs started I have replaced it witho a D-link-4320L Modem/Router. It is giving better coveridge and seems slightly faster but still getting the dropout problems. Can you give me options on how to fix this problem? I have reset the modem/router following your guides and have tried rebooting several times.

Regards, Terry


Hi @terryj12,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We have located the account using your community details.


We have checked the status of your connection and our system recorded multiple connection drop outs. This is possibly due to a line fault and we'd like to investigate further.


We have escalated your concern to our Engineering Team and a case engineer will be in touch within the day to discuss the progression of the case.


Should you have a preferred contact number and time, please let us know. Thank you.



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Hi Riezl, Thankyou for your investigation and reply.  I can be contacted on the mobile or email listed in my account details.  I am available at any time.

Regards, Terryj12


Thanks @terryj12. We'll advise our Engineering Team.


Feel free to drop us a message should you have further queries. Thank you.


Good day, terryj12


I can see that an appointment has been booked for tomorrow, 12 November between 3PM - 7PM. Kindly confirm via SMS sent by our Engineering Team or let us know here whether you're all good for tomorrow's schedule. 




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Hi Ahra_G

between 3.00 and 7.00 is suitable, thankyou.



Hi @terryj12, we can see that the issue has been lodged to Telstra and a technician has been booked anytime between now and 15/Nov/2018.


Further updates will be provided by the case engineer as soon as it becomes available.