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Internet constantly dropping out

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I have been having consistent dropouts over the last week and TPG have been unable to help me so far. I am on an ADSL2+ plan without home phone and am using a TP-Link TPG provided modem. Over the last week I have had consistent dropouts every half an hour to an hour for 5-20 minutes at a time, rendering doing anything substantial on the internet useless. 


In my modem diagnostics, I am consistently getting the " test PPP Server connection      Fail" error (screenshot attached). I looked into this and it seems to have something to do with my account details being wrong in the modem, however I have reset my password and inputted correctly alongside a TPG technician and this has not fixed it. 


I'm also unsure if this modem error is even related. However, the fact I've been told there's no problem when there clearly is is frustrating beyond relief, especially considering I can barely use internet in my house.


A technician came out today and found no problems and they are now "monitoring" my connection for the next 24 hours. I'm hoping this is an easy fix that someone can pick up on because it is extremely frustrating and making me regret choosing TPG as an ISP, especially after being in contact with them for the last 48 hours and having been told there is essentially nothing we can do.


Hi @conretto 


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I'm sorry about the connection dropouts you've been experiencing, I can understand how frustrating it is for not being able to get a stable connection.


I was able to go over your case and can see that this is being monitored by our Engineering Team. Though we didn't detect any issues with the line, we do need to look into the dropouts you've been experiencing. Please bear with us further while I coordinate with our Engineering Team to re-assess the case. As soon as an update is available, you will be contacted by one of our Engineers.