Internet issues

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We had NBN FTTP installed on November 17. The technician set the NBN connection box up in a bedroom at the front of the house, claiming it was the only place to put it.

As a result, we have next to no wifi coverage across the house.

However, over the last week, we have been experiencing random drop outs in connection. These are sporadic, happen throughout the day, and last anywhere from 3-15 minutes typically. The issue tends to be worse during the evening.

All of our devices are connected via WiFi. The only Ethernet connection is between the nbn box and the router.

The connection drop outs happen serperately to the WiFi connectivity issues, as they occur even when standing directly next to the router.

The combination of these two issues has at times lead to a complete inability to connect to the internet.

Your phone support was called yesterday, and a remote fix was attempted. However, the issues have not gone away, and the speed of the connection itself when working is incredibly low.
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Hi @jbs0311 . A lot of FTTP boxes are placed in the least convenient spot. Did your fibre cable follow the path of the copper telephone cable or did installer take a short cut?
Any possibility of running a CAT6 ethernet cable from NBN box to a more convenient location? Underneath the house or run cable around edge of room to an adjacent room. A wifi extender might help.

When you get connection dropout, is there any change to the lights on NBN box or router?
Does the dropout recover by itself or do you do something?
What model router is it?
Check the router's System Log for messages when you have connection dropout. "PPP" messages indicate a fault on WAN link.

What plan speed are you on? (NBN25, NBN50, ...)
What down and up speeds do you get doing speed test on TPG support page? Does your laptop have ethernet? If not, use the 5GHz band if possible next to router.


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