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Internet keeps dropping out and speed drops crazily low

Level 2
Hey TPG,

Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed the internet getting worse and worse to the point where the internet drops out for 30-90 seconds every 5-10 minutes (especially noticeable during peak times) on top of that, my internet speed (on the 250mbs plan) gets as low as 0.5mbs (taken via the TPG speed test web page) download speed, I know peak would impact the speed but it’s actually insulting to not even be able to stream consistently.

Things I’ve done to try and fix the issue:
* restart NBN modem (no issues with the box, all lights are solid green)
* restart TPG modem multiple times
* replaced TPG modem with high end ASUS Wi-Fi 6 modem, issue not fixed
* Tested wired and wirelessly, drop outs and low speeds on both

* undertook speed tests down right next to modem
* tried calling TPG customer support but was on the phone for ages with nobody picking up.

Hi @Andy89


Welcome to the Community!


We were able to locate your account and have raised the issue with our Engineers for further investigation.


Updates will be provided within 24 to 48 hours once available.