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Internet not available

Level 1a

i have been told on friday that a technician woul fix my internet within 24 hours and now is is 4 days and my internet is still not fixed, you promise and dont delivery. every time i call i get a different answer



Hi @thornleigh


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We're sorry to learn that you are having difficulties with the service. I realised that you have spoken to one of our Engineers and was advised that another appointment has been requested on 14 Feb 2019 between 8AM - 12PM. It is required that you or someone over 18yrs of age is present during the visit. 


We understand the importance of getting your service up and running however as you are aware, we rely on Telstra in your area to provide a service and appointment availability is subjected to our wholesaler partner and as a re-seller we only have limited control over such things. 


We apologise for the inconvenience this is causing you. We'll be sure to keep you posted on the progress of this lodged fault. 



Thank you. 


Level 1a

it is not good enough that i have to wait for almost 3 weeks to get this fixed. very poor


Level 1a

every staff member gives you different answers 



Apologies if you perceived it that way, @thornleigh


Our Engineering Team is doing their best to fast track a resolution. The initial date provided is the earliest date available provided to us by our wholesale partner. We can have a look to see if we can schedule you in with an earlier time however, we cannot guarantee this as we work with our suppliers to provide this particular service, which means we are reliant on their scheduling. 






Good day,  @thornleigh


I realised that a Senior Engineer has been in touch and advised you of the appointment that is booked tomorrow, 08 Feburary 2019 between 8AM - 12PM. Please ensure that someone is present and that the MDF (Main Distribution Frame) as well as your first wall socket are both accessible for the technician to test. 


The Engineer will contact you again once the job is completed and receives the report from the Telstra technician.