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Internet not working since late night

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Hi all,


My internet connection was lost around 1 am and it still hasn't been back. Just wondering if there was a planned maintanence or outage that temporarily disrupted the service?




Hi @Frank 


Thanks for raising this with us!


There was a maintenance done by NBNCo that started midnight and should have ended by 6AM AEST today. There's a possibility that the maintenance work could have disconnected the line completely, but since there's no outage report from NBNCo, we need to check this further.


Our initial tests so far indicate a possible line cut. However, it can also be interpreted that the modem is simply turned off or not connected at this point. Can you confirm the status of the modem lights so we'll know if we can have this issue raised to NBNCo directly at this stage or if additional tests over the phone is required.



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Hi Will,


Thanks for the reply. Just figured out why the internet connection hasn't been back. The disconnection was indeed casued by NBN maintanence. But my roommate, trying to reconnect, plugged the modem into a different wall socket during that time. Now have I replugged the modem and the internet is back. Thank you for reminding me to check the modem.


Glad to hear that it's now working, @Frank 


Don't hesitate to visit us again if you need our assistance. Cheers!