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Internet out, Port Adelaide area

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The internet is not working for us today, it actually went on and off a few times this morning but came back again after a short while. Then the DSL light on the modem just flashed for a bit and stopped flashing. After restarting the modem, the DSL light flashes for a while and then becomes a solid light, but the internet light never comes on and there is no internet. 


The modem console can be connected to, it says there is no connection to the internet but everythingn else looks fine from what I can see. 

There are no outages reported for our area on the NBN outage site. 


Is there anyway to check if there is a problem at the server end because it looks like it is connecting (DSL light on), but no internet is being found. 




Hi @neolious 


If your service is not affected by an outage, then send us a private message with your account details and wew'll check it for you.