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Internet outage for a month with no solution!!!

Level 2
I am totally flabbergasted.

My NBN50 connection has been constantly dropping out every day leaving me without internet for most part of the day. I am doing office fully on my 4g data with hotspot. I have complained multiple times but every time it seems TPG treats it as a new issue and when the internet comes back they just mark everything as solved and do nothing. An NBN guy came last week and did some “inspection” with no improvement.

How come this be a service of a so-called “First world” country?

This is so upsetting. I see absolutely o solution. I do not know where to go who to ask? What to do?

And all this in an inner Melbourne suburb just 12km South east from CBD!

Hi @mfaysal14 


Our sincerest apologied for the inconvenience.

We were able to locate your account using your community details and understand that this case is being handled by our Engineers.

An NBN technician has been requested to further check the service and the appointment has been booked.

Further updates will be given by your assigned Engineer as soon as it becomes available.