Laggy Internet

Level 2

for the past few days the internet has been really bad, we would constantly lag in and out of whatever activity we are doing when usually have little to no problem at all regardless of how many people are using the wifi at once. 


now even when im home alone i would start off at 20 ping in games and spike up to 500 and then 1000 ping and then back down. Netflix would drop out whenever we watch.


there doesnt seem to be any announced outages from tpg so please help me out to idenity whats going on. 


Hi @29121999hannah


Thanks for raising this to our attention.


We'd like to look into your account for better understanding of the situation.

Please send me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number.


If you are using a WiFi connection, it is possible that signal interference is causing it.

We've created some articles that may help you resolve this issue.