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Landline failed and ADSL2 slow

Level 2
Landline failed (hand set displays line in use), ADSL2 very slow. This was happened not long ago, technician came,then Telstra came fix it, now happen again. "Chat online" and phone can't reach for report problem, please advise.

Hi flora711,


Have you perform the troubleshooting on ADSL?


- Power off and on the modem, wait for the green light on the DSL .

- Perform a speedtest.


- Please be aware the speed on ADSL is reduced based how far are you from the Telstra Telephone exchange.


Level 2
Speed test couldn't fix phone line failed, as I mentioned that same problem has happened not long ago, we need a technician come to check it.
Level 2
check speed couldn't fix the problem, landline failed, internet too slow, please send technician, and I am asking credit as compensation