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Landline not working

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Since you do not reply to emails

Good Afternoon,

My name is NicXxxxxx, my account no. is XXXXXXX.

I have been a customer of TPG since Nov 2014. 

Thu 28 Sept 2023: 
A thunderstorm took out my NBN HFC modem, the TPG wi-fi modem and the VOIP phone running through the TPG modem.
I rang TPG to inform that I needed replacement modems, when dealing with tech help person I was told that my D.O.B. was wrong - I have not changed it.
So was told they could not deal with this due to the D.O.B. issue - after a drawn out conversation I ask to speak to a supervisor - put on hold AGAIN for 30 mins to 
be told that they are still waiting for a supervisor. 
So after another time on hold they said they will get NBN to do a service call.
Later in the afternoon got a text from NBN with a booking for Tues 3 Oct.

Fri 29 Sept 2023:
Called TPG to ask if I could get a modem from a local retailer, was told I had to purchase one from TPG as it has the setup for my landline number. 
So I ordered one and the $109 was taken from my account that afternoon - still the issue with the D.O.B continues.

I received a text from TPG with a link to verify my identity - I have an iPhone 5s - this does not work on my phone. 
Every person I have spoken to at TPG telling them of my phone problem have said they will look into it and all they do is send another text with a link.

Tues 3 Oct 2023:
Tech from NBN installs new HFC modem.
Call TPG regarding wi-fi modem delivery - standard non help with the D.O.B. issue. Seems you can quite happily take $109 out of my bank account
Received a text later that day with copy of paid invoice for modem and Startrack tracking no.

Fri 6 Oct 2023:
Wi- fi modem is delivered and installed works fine except for the landline. I was told that this is the reason I had to get a modem from TPG as it would have my 
land line working. I was told by one of your people on Fri 29 Sept that I had to get the modem from TPG as it would be set up for my landline.

Mon 9 Oct 2023:
Called TPG regarding the landline not working - back with the D.O.B. issue - was told can be fixed but cannot do it until D.O.B. issue fixed.
I spent 4 hours on the phone with probably the worst customer service I have encountered.

So as I have explained above - the texting of verification links to my iPhone 5s (Apple has declared them obsolete) does not work.
How do we remedy this?
You and Vodaphone are together - can I go to one of their shopfronts and deal with it there?

Please deal with this promptly as I am looking at the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman as my next step.


Nicholas Elvin


Hi @6nde1 


We'd like to have a better understanding of the situation and see what we can do to resolve this.


Please send us a private message with your account details.