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Limited connection

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I regularly have drop outs when working from home because I have 'limited' broadband connectivity. I end up using my mobile phone to hot spot. It has happened again today and I'm really frustrated. Can someone please advise whether I am located in an area with limited service from TPG because I'm ready to go elsewhere if the problems aren't resolved.


Hi @yella316,


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I've managed to locate your account using your community details and have run some remote test. I was not able to detect any fault on the copper network and I can see that the internet speed is good.


Are you using a WiFi or Wired conection?


If it's a WiFi connection, it is possible that signal interference that's travelling on the same frequency as your WiFi connection is causing the issue. You may check this link for instructions on how to improve your connection.


If it's a Wired connection, have you tried using a different LAN/Ethernet cable? Have you also tried using a different port on your modem/router?


If you could share more information, it will help us analyze the exact issue that you are experiencing.


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Thank you - it's WiFi so I'll have a look at the link you shared.


Thanks so much!



You are welcome @yella316.


Keep us posted if the issue persist.




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HI @yella316


Additional Information


How to optimise your WIFI experience at home -