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Logging on to TPG Mail

Level 2

I get this warning when I log on to TPG mail to check my emails.  Only noticed it fairly recently and it causes concern. Anyone experiencing the same and is there a resolution?   "Your connection isn't secure

This site uses an outdated security configuration that might expose your personal information when it's sent to this site (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards).

Level 2
Yes I am getting the same warning when I log in whether from mobile or laptop.
Have messaged TPG but no reply.
Very frustrating.



Your issue has been forwarded to our TPG Engineers for investigation.




Level 14

Hi briggsn.

Another user is getting the same error but only when logging off from Post Office, and Android device was mentioned. My comments were in that context.

I think this is the sequence of events on your Android device.
You open the browser and connect to This gives you a page with two tabs to logon to Post Office or My Account. Tap the padlock symbol next to https in URL. This opens a window showing security information. On my Android device, it says I am using "TLS 1.2".
Logon to Post Office. This takes you to Tap the padlock again; it shows "TLS 1.2" again.
Logoff from Post Office. This takes you to Note there is no tab for My Account; a different page from the logon screen. Tap the padlock; it now shows "TLS 1.0", which is obsolete in favour of TLS 1.2 and 1.3. On your device, tap the "Advanced" button for more info.
Different versions of Android and Chrome must show this info differently. Yours pops up this error message; my Android v4 and v5 aren't as obvious.
Don't know why it should be happening now after all this time. The logging off is done with TLS 1.2 but if you logon again from the page that has just been displayed, the security is not as good as logging in from the original logon page.
TPG should change the Post Office app so that a logoff redisplays the logon page with the two tabs.