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Long time ADSL website files no longer accessible with NBN service

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I'm hoping you can assist me in accessing my website files that have been stored and accessed for years on my old ADSL service and are no longer working on the NBN service ?

I can see the files under my TPG account and I can still upload files there but I cannot use any of the files online.


How can I regain access to use these online files ?

Is there a new path / URL header that I need to use ??




Hi @Njanda,


I was able to confirmed that the Free web space from your old ADSL2+ service is still active. We noticed that there are no index file on your account, you will need to at least code some few lines in the index file so that the images can be viewed.


Let me know should you require further assistance.



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Thanx for getting back to me but the weird things is that I can no longer access the files remotely.

Amongst other things, one of my uses is to update graphic icons on a browser based dashboard and this is done by assigning the URL of the images stored location. e.g. 

This prevsiously worked via my ADSL account. - I could simply paste any images URL into a web browser address field and it'd display it.  Now it does not


Thanks for the additional details, @Njanda.


We will raise this to our System Administrator for further investigation. Updates will be provided when is available.




Hi @Njanda,


Our System administrator tried to access the URL that you've provided and they were able to access it.


Have you tried accessing the images via incognito? Have you tried using a different browser?


Kind regards,