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Lost internet connection

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Hey guys,

Yesterday I
Lost my internet connection... my modem
Was working and after a call to telstra the line has now been restored.. I have done a hard reset of the modem still no internet. Need help desperately. I feel it’s at the TPG end.... please suggest something soon!

Hi @Kkrangan


Welcome to the Community! 


Before attempting the troubleshooting steps, TPG recommends that you:

1. Check our Service Status at

2. "Power cycle" your ADSL modem. This means turning your modem off and waiting for one minute before turning it back on again. This allows your modem to reestablish connection to our server.

3. If you are still unable to connect to the Internet, you can proceed with the troubleshooting steps indicated on this link:


Based on the remote line testing, your service is now up and running.


Should you need further assistance, feel free to search community for help or chat with us at