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Mail Server issues and NBN Dropouts

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I have to say, I'm a bit over this lousy internet service. When I still had aDSL2, I never had a single days issues. Now, after being forced into NBN, I am experiencing constant dropouts. Sometimes for minutes, other times for hours, occasionally for days. Today seems to be hours, which could possibly lead to days.


I keep getting text messages and emails offering for me to move my mobile to TPG. Fat chance. It's my only hope having any internet at the moment! I'm having to use it as a hotspot so I can run my small business from home.


The connection is up and down more than a bride's nightie these days. It will just come back on and bang, it's gone again. The 3rd and 4th light on the router keep flashing. I have rebooted the router......multiple times. I have unplugged it and left it off for 15 minutes. I have done all the trouble shooting things and it's still happening.


Now today, to add to the dropouts, the mail server is having issues. It keeps asking me for passwords for each account. I insert password and it ignores it. Next time mail is checked, same thing happens. When I put the password in, it will download any new messages, but then still show an error that it couldn't connect, then I get asked for password again.


I'm guessing being this close to Christmas i will be unlikely to get a response from anyone, but would appreciate it if someone could look into it for me and see if there is a reason we keep having these issues. It's always a given that when we get a storm, we have no internet for at least 6 hours afterwards, but we haven't had any recent storms to make it play up. It would also be good if someone could tell me why I lose internet whenever we have rain or a storm, for at least 6 hours.


Thank you in advance. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas.......with internet.....because it's unlikely we'll have any internet before new year 

I would also hope that if we don't get any useable internet before new year that we are compensated for not having it. 
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Same here both my wifes account and mine have exactely the same issue

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I discovered this morning that you just need to hit OK on the prompt box, not keep entering the password. Still a pain in the neck, but not as big a pain as having to keep re entering the password. I have 8 email accounts checking, all with different passwords, so I was struggling to remember which password went with which account!


For the last half hour, I've not had a box or an error, so hopefully it's behaving itself now. My internet hasn't dropped out in over an hour either......but I'm not getting my hopes up there!


Hi Ozbaggie,


We have likewise replied to your post located here:


The email issue should be fixed by now however should you still experience issues, please don't hesitate to let us know.





Hi @IamJaneS!


Sorry for the late reply on this thread 😞


For your reference, you may check out our conversation here - 


Nonethelesss, just to give you an update, I can see that our Engineers have confirmed an appointment with the NBN technician to attend to your premises on Wednesday, 02 January 2019, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM. 


Their technicians advise of a possible need for entry to the premises to complete the checks for your  connection. This means we require you or a person over 18 years of age to be home for the appointment.


Once the job order is completed, our Engineering Team will get back to you to provide further update. 

In relation to your e-mail issue, this should now be fixed. 


Should you need further assistance, feel free to bumped up this thread. 



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Hi Erika,


Yes, the technicians have been in touch and confirmed the 2nd of January between 1 and 5pm to pay a visit (I hope they send a message if they can't make it for any reason. I understand some jobs can take longer than expected).


So far since this morning, I've had no further email issues, so from my perspective, it seems to be fixed. I hope the other members who were having issues have also noticed things are working for them too.


Thank you once again, especially for keeping me updated every step of the way. You really have been wonderful. I hope you and those close to you have a lovely Christmas tomorrow. I actually don't have to work Christmas day this year, so am very excited to have the day at home!

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The technician came as promised and found an issue up the street a bit. A connector of some type had broken, which he fixed. When asked, he said that would also be the cause of losing our internet when it rains. That issue should be fixed now too.


Well, it rained yesterday and overnight and our internet is gone again. It cuts back in intermittently, but then drops out again. Thankfully for our internet, it doesn't rain much here (sucks for the farmers though), but when it does, we lose our connection.


Is there any way of having this rain issue fixed once and for all? We never had this issue with aDSL2, even 2 years ago when it rained for 3 months solid. I so wish we could go back to aDSL.


As per my previous messages, please send text message only. I won't answer the phone.


Thanks in advance. 


Hi @IamJaneS,


Sorry to hear that you're still having issues with your connection even after the NBN tech has sorted the issue. 


Currently, our line tests results does not specifically provide us the exact location of the physical fault hence, I would need to re-escalate this to our Engineering team for further investigation. 


They'll be providing you updates on your mobile via SMS as requested.