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Mailserver intermittent

Level 7

All yesterday and still this morning, the mailserver system has been up and down, repeatedly asking for password. Also, a regular correspondent reports (by phone) at being intermittently unable to send emails to me. Meanwhile, net and forums working fine so not my end. This has happened in the past years from time to time, and usually fixed within an hour. This time it is more than 24 hrs! No mention on service status. A number of us are reporting this on Whirlpool.

Level 4

Alan, is your email working again? I've had no trouble since early this morning (although I haven't been on my computer much today, but everything seems to be OK). They are saying that the issue has been fixed, so hopefully you're not having anymore problems either.


Hi @alanguide, we'd like to know if you are still having issues with the service.


Feel free to message us should you require any assistance. Thank you.

Level 7

It  is OK today and yesterday. On Christmas Eve it was flaky all day.