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Mesh network disconnects with Tplink Vx420-G2c

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I recently got  FTTP and modem/router given Tp-link Vx420-G2c. This is great but not enough range for my property. I have been using 3 node mesh (Tenda MW3) over last 5 years with wireless 4g modem no issue. Since i moved over to FTTP; I connected the mesh to LAN (DHCP) and it is disconnecting every 24 hours. I have also tried with PPPoE excluding ISP modem and it worked for many days but other 2 nodes on Wi-Fi disconnect time to time { not sure my new mesh node were faulty, they did lots of truobleshooting and wasn't fixed, so i retured (Tenda MX12) after 3 weeks}. 


Anyone knows the solution please let me know.


Hi @sv20066 . Regarding the FTTP NBN box, does it have UNI-V ports or not?


Have you tried connecting your Tenda device to the FTTP box the same way as it was with 4G modem? Yes, I see that you have done that with PPPoE setting which does work.

Are you still using the other Tenda mesh units? When you say they disconnect, do they lose connection to main unit, or lose connection to internet? If they lose internet, does the main Tenda lose internet as well?

If you want to keep the VX420 as the main router, you could try the Tenda in Bridge mode. DHCP server should be disabled. The VX420 assigns IP addresses.

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Yes UNI-V D1 brings the Internet in the house.

With PPPoE first mesh node via Ethernet does work perfectly but other 2 mesh units wifi mesh no ethernet backhaul( loose conncetion and don't show up on system log nor the web GUI; this is Tenda Nova MX12). After lots of troubleshoot with Tenda R&D team i decided to return the product back.

I do use my old Tenda Nova MW3, it disconnects from the main ISP connected one lets say after 24 hours (will try system reboot turn off tonight)  and it doesn't come back with power cycle; remedy is turn off ISP modem + Ethernet mesh >> Turn On ISP modem + Ethernet mesh (Internet restores).

Not sure how the bridge mode will work, setup with LAN on ISP gives me options for Static, Dynamic, PPPoE. Probably I can match the LAN on Tenda Nova with ISP LAN (not sure it will work though).

As of now 3:25 pm I can see the internet is down already after restart both ISP and Tenda Nova last night at 9 pm.

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I found the bridge mode, it is possible to setup on bridge mode. I will try this tonight when i go home.