Modem not working

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Hi There, 


There was a storm that happened on Thursday night where I am. The power went out for a brief second and came back. Everything came back except for the modem. 


I turned it off and on again, and the LAN lights came back, but the DSL and Internet lights on the modem wouldn't come back. 


I plugged in an old modem that stopped working earlier this year after a similar issue, where the home phone I have that runs through the connection wouldn't work. That modem connected to the internet and the DSL lights came back. But obviously no phone. 


The modem that broke on Thursday is only brand new - it was replaced in January this year. What can I do? 


Hi @ianaust


Thanks for reaching out.


The modem/router is still under the 12 month warranty and can be replaced.

We'll request this for you and provide you with the updates via PM as soon as it becomes available.