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Moved house, slower and less consistent connection speeds

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Hi all, 


I have recently moved house and decided to stick with TPG to keep things easier,


When we called up to notify TPG that we would like to keep the exact same plan as we had at the old house, we were told that wouldnt be an issue 


The setup was perfectly fine and we had internet the day we moved in, thats where the ease of the move ended. 


I ran an initial speed test to be shown that speeds were much slower, and ping was slightly worse (not the end of the world, all tho keeping the exact same plan that we were told we were keeping was obviously not true) 


My biggest issue is the stability of the connection, I didn't play any games for the first few weeks of moving as we were obviously still unpacking and juggling a bunch of other things, but a few nights ago I was playing and noticed my ping would spike to 250-300 every 2-3 minutes from a steady 20-30.


Ready a bunch of forum posts telling me to run some CMD commands to check latency, and noticed that every 4-5 ping would spike to over 1000ms, then return to the normal 10-20.


Obviously not very happy about that, let me know if there is anything else I can try before we change our service provider, cheers 


Hi @DionGraves 


We'd like to have a better understanding of the situation and see what we can do to improve the service.


Please send us a private message with your account details.