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Moving from nbn to a non nbn location

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I am here to share the worst customer service experience that I came across with TPG. I am in a lock in contract for NBN but moving to a new house where only ADSL2 is available. Now I got a call from TPG and they asked me to pay 1 month fees+ installation fees again+ new router charges because NBN router is not compatible. Completely a bull**, it is not my fault if the NBN is not available on my new place. I was expecting them not to charge me for setup and a new device or to terminate my contract with no extra charges because it’s TPG who cannot provide me the services that I signed up for. Moreover, when I asked the customer representative to escalate my issue and pass it over to her supervisor. She said someone will call you and disconnected. It’s been more than 24 hours and no response has been received from TPG. Completely a waste of time and money. They care about money more than their customers.

Thank you for raising your concerns @muhammadharis92 


I understand that it is definitely not your fault that NBN Co and the government have not rolled out NBN yet to the place you are moving into, please understand that it is off course not something that we like as well.


Please note that when we set up the service on an address we pay our 3rd party providers to deliver the service and line rental for the infrastructure used.


Based on what I can see here, a TPG officer has been in contact with you and you have reached an agreement, as such we will leave this matter with them.


Kind regards,
Joseph D

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What happened in this case? I have a similar situation but currently unable to contact TPG (chat support is not working).


Only adsl off-net is available at my next property. Can I switch to that TPG service or cancel my NBN contract without a fee?