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Why do I need to buy another modem/router? I am trying to change address and I can either be charged $99 or I have to buy another router - Why? I need someone to tell me how I can arrange to cancel as this address and then reconnect at new address and by taking my paid for router and cables etc with me. It should be easy but apparently it’s not.

Hi @Kdubbs 


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Please check out these articles on how you can transfer your services the easy way: 



If you have been offered to get a new modem/router, this means that the new address you are transferring to may have a different NBN Technology (e.g from NBN FTTP to NBN FTTB).


You may bring the equipment along with you however, there are instances that it may not work or will need advanced configuration in order for it to work on a certain type of NBN Technology. 


Should you require further assistance, let us have your Customer ID or username via private message in order for us to assist you accordingly.