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My NBN connection keeps dropping out.

Level 1a
Hello community,

Since we came back from holidays mid January, our internet connection keeps dropping out.

The internet light turns off on the modem (tp-link archer VR1600v).

Prior to Christmas we never noticed this problem, but since getting back it has been non stop, although only for 1 - 5 minutes at a time.

I have tried unsuccessfully to get onto to the technical support team on the phone, I’m stuck listening to the message for 15 mins before giving up.

You guys are my new hope.

Level 1b

Hope you get it sorted, just cancelled my NBN due to the same issues, went around in circles with TPG technical support, when you could actually get hold of someone. Now having issues with my cancellation. TPG are the worst company I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.


Hi @tommo2020


We have likewise replied to your post here:


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