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My NBN internet drops out every single day

Level 2

For the last 2 weeks my internet has been dropping out every single day. It is very fustrating. It often happens several times a day. We have not had this problem before. I called TPG and ended up getting a recrded message and then hung up on.

Level 2

We're having this exact same problem. I am hoping that it's just the amount of users online, but it's weird that it keeps dropping out at our modem? Should i be getting a new modem? This one we have is about 2.5 years old.

Level 2

We have the same issue.

Have spoken to TPG but nothing was done to fix the problem.

Internet works fabulously during the off-peak time when everyone is asleep and prior to everyone using streaming services to entertain themselves while we are in lockdown.

I think TPG and the NBN are getting slammed and this is the result although some transparency would be nice as both seem to think nothing is wrong even though people are complaining on this forum on a daily basis with same issues.