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My tpg Post Office folders are empty

Level 2

I cannot find any emails in my tpg post office.

Please help!


Welcome to TPG Community @Emilie 


Your emails will only be temporarily stored in the TPG Post office, if you have a POP3 email account. All emails older than 45 days will be deleted automatically. Also, each folder only allows you store 40MB of emails. Once the 40MB limit is exceeded, all emails in the folder will be deleted in 14 days. Also, each POP3 account only allows you store 40MB of emails across all folders. Once the 40MB limit is exceeded, all emails in the folder will be deleted in 14 days. A warning in Post Office will appear when your mail account is over 90% of the 40MB level. If you wish to keep email permanently, you should upgrade to an IMAP email account.


If you need further assistance, shoot us a PM with your TPG account details. 

How do I private message (PM) in the community 




Level 15

Hi @Emilie . You can keep your POP3 mail account and use a mail "client" which downloads emails from Post Office "Inbox" to your device. Mail clients are available for Windows and Mac computers, and Android and Apple phones and tablets. The clients allow you to create folders for your mail. There is no limit to folder size or total size, and no time limit. Mail still has to be downloaded within 45 days.

Level 2

Thank you. As I said, there is not a SINGLE message in my post office account... but there should be some.

I will send a private message.



Level 2

Thank you, david64, I will have to familiarize myself with this... I would not know how to set that up, but the fact is that I'm missing some emails and was hoping I'd find them in my Post Office...

I'm aware of the 45 days-rule