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NBN 50 (HFC) random slow internet

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I have been having random sudden massive drop in download speed from 45Mbps to ~0.2Mbps (attached speedtest)


Ping and upload speed are still good.  It's just download speed takes a hit and the only way to fix is so far is to restart the NBN modem.


Troubleshooting performed:

1. NBN modem config reset > I still get random download speed drops

2. TP-Link Archer VR1600v wireless router reset > issue persists

3. Connect only 1x PC via LAN > issue persists

4. Esclated to TPG Engineer (Case 10705892) and was put on monitor but nothing has changed


Has anyone experienced this and how was it resolved in your case?

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You are not alone.
Have recently started getting the same random down speed slowness down to 10mbps from the normal 40bmps for no reason this week.


As per my post,


Something is definitely afoot here.


Hi @chenshe83


Welcome to the Community!


We understand that your assigned Engineer has been in touch and advised that the case is under monitoring.

Further updates will be given as soon as it becomes available.


Stay safe.


Level 2
Yes an engineer has contacted me but no solution provided yet.

I'm still getting random sudden drops of download speed. Latest here:

Please have engineer check the logs/tools of what is wrong.

This has been going for a week and is impacting WFH. Will appreciate if a solution can be found soon.


We apologise for the inconvenience this ongoing issue is causing you. We have made a follow up with our Engineering Team and we have advised the case engineer to contact you discuss the progression of the case. Kindly await further updates within the day.