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NBN has started disconnecting

Level 2

My NBN has been stable for a few weeks, burt has started disconnecting a few times a day. Nothing has changed here but has become quite unstable.

Standard Archer supplied Router.

Level 4

I have been getting the same on my end today. Only started happening this week.
router is online but keep getting ip resets and disconnection.

Download speed durign peak time also affected from 45mbps on average down to a grinding half of 10bmps.


Something is definitely is happening on the network.

Level 2

Maybe the network over subscription has finally kicked in ? I didn't check the IP but wouldn't think it needed to reset 3 times in one day ?

Level 4

yeah, i didnt think so either.
mine definitely did renew its ip (reset WAN ip connection/uptime)  and only started doing this start of this week as per my post here

Level 4



First night swapping with Mate NBN 50/20
(only took 24hours btw to switch, paid yesterday evening to switch and connected today morning).


No sign of a severe drop like I was suffering with TPG (a mere 2-5mbps downspeed)
07:15pm -








which begs to question the heavy congestion at the tpg end/infrastructure.
Will keep updating throughout the night with test to prove that this issue should be looked at for other TPG customers.

Level 2

NBN replaced the old crappy 30 year old copper with new just prior to connection and ran quit well for 3 weeks. (After a 3 year wait) Now it's back to the old ADSL disconnect/reconnect problems we had for 15 years. It was our first rainfall since install maybe it's the water in the pit problem again ??


Hi @rglennpost, we can see that an NBN technician has been booked to fix the issue. We have sent the schedule through SMS and we have also received your confirmation.

Our Engineering Team is closely monitoring this and will contact you for any additional update.

Let us know should you have further queries.